Mahabalipuram Monuments

Mahabalipuram, being one of the UNESCO World heritage site was developed during the Pallava king Narashimha Varman I, who was also called by his people as “the great wrestler”. A traveler can spot the rock cut caves, monolithic shrines, structural temples and huge bas-reliefs which depicts the master piece of the Pallava art.


Visit the shore temple built by Mamalla dedicated to Lord Vishnu while the other two shrines of Lord Shiva was added by Mamalla’s successor Narashimha Varman II.

This temple has survived the ravages of time and erosion. Later visit the five Rathas which depicts the Dravidian culture and style and the epic Mahabharata. The carvings are found outside the temple and the huge ratha among the five is the Dharmaraja Yudistar rath.

Arjuna’s Penance is the one which should not be missed by any tourist coming to Mahabalipuram. A huge bas relief where the carvings describes the story of Arjuna, gods and animals. The sculptures and the carvings measures about 27 meters long and 09 meters high.

Later you can come around the shops where you can witness sea shell made products (hangers and women accessories) and many spectacular photographs with little description in it.