Manora Fort - Tamilnadu - Monuments

Tucked away from the hustling city of Tanjore, the Manora Fort is an ideal place to spend time basking at one of history’s most wonderful architectural brilliance. Built by the Maratha ruler Serfoji II, in the Dravidian style of architecture it was built to commemorate the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte. It is also one among the oldest monuments in India.



The Manora Fort gets its name from the English word ‘Minaret’. The monument is a hexagonal tower and is 23 meters tall overlooking the Bay of Bengal. The Manora Fort is built in such a way that a large number of troops could be stationed here comfortably. The rooms inside the walls are spaciously ventilated allowing sufficient air to flow through. Built purely on the Dravidian style, it does not include any other architectural styles of the period.

The monument is a great place to observe and study the history and culture of Tanjore. There are many rumors that go about which say that there was direct trading between Tanjore and Sri Lanka where the Lankan traders bring their wares here.

It is believed that while constructing this monument, Serfoji built an underground passage from the fort right to the heart of the Brihadeeshwara temple. Situated close to the beach, this monument makes for a great place to spend the day by visiting and enjoying the rest of the day by indulging in beach activities. The Dravidian style of architecture is a rare treat to witness in the monuments of Tamil Nadu thus, becoming a study of interest to archeologists.

How To Reach :

By Air - The nearest airport is the Tiruchirapalli airport which is situated at a distance of 112 kilometers from the monument.

By Rail - The Tanjore railway station located about 68 kilometers from the Manora fort is the nearest place to avail a train facility.

By road - The state government has provided a number of public transports to reach the monument. Apart from that you can also rent a car or taxi to reach the monument.