Gingee fort - Tamilnadu

An unbreachable citadel existing from the 9th Century AD is the Gingee fort, which was later renovated by the Vijayanagara Emperors. It is acclaimed as an impregnable castle for its brilliant architecture and the interiors. The Gingee has a very long history to be cherished.



The Gingee fort complex is built to connect three hillocks, Krishnagiri, Rajagiri and Chandrayandurg. The halls are connected by the walls extending to a distance of 13 km and protected by 24m wide moat. The fort complex comprises of a seven storied marriage hall, prison cells, granaries, and a temple housing the presiding deity as Chenjiamman. Gingee fort remains as a popular tourist destination in South India

Best time to visit : Between September and February. The fort is open from 11AM to 4PM, Suitable for history tours and photography

Nearest places to visit

Sathanur Dam, Annamalayar Temple, Skandashramam, Virupaksha Cave, Ramana Maharishi Ashram

How To Reach :

By Air - From Chennai Airport, Arcot can be reached by travelling for three hours covering a distance of 140 kms.

By Rail - From the nearest railhead at Thindivanam which is at a distance of 30kms, the Gingee fort can be reached by surface

By road - The nearest cities are Tiruvannamalai and thindivanam from where gingee fort can be reached very easily.