Mudurai Pandi Muneeswaran Kovil

"Where is the thunder hitting... In the Pandi temple entrance... He was once a king... Now a peerless god... Savior of all good souls... Where is the thunder hitting... In the Pandi temple entrance..."

Pandi Kovil Temple

Goes one of the songs of Pandi Muneeswarar. Pandi temple is situated in Madurai. Not even a single day you can find this temple empty or devoid of devotees. The Pandi Muneeswarar is the prime deity and is the savior for millions of people. The very look of the God spur our spiritual spirit and will take us to another world. Devotees of Pandi Temple, have unshakable belief on Pandi Muneeswarar.

Pandi Muneeswarar graces from his shrine, with fiery eyes, dark whiskers and white turban (mundasu ). He is also adorned with lots of garlands, silk loin and sandal paste.


The legend has it that, many eons ago a group of immigrates passed through Madurai to a Village. On their way they took rest at a place in Madurai. In that group an old couple were also present, in the dream of the old lady Vellaiyammal a sage appeared and told her that he was none other than the King Padian Neduncheliyan, who gave the misjudgment and became cause for the death of Kovalan. Because of his sin he took rebirth as a human and did penance for several years and finally became a sage. He also said that, the place where the old couple were staying is none other than his old palace, and he is dwelling there in an eight feet statue under the ground. He asked the couple to build a temple for him, so that he will guard the people perpetually.


Pandi Muneeswarar is a vegetarian god, so only fruits and flowers are offered to Him. Some pious devotees name their children and grandchildren starting with the Lord’s name (pandi ). The people belonging to Pandi temple, do the first tonsuring here to their children and also do ear boring. Tonsuring is considered to be one of the most precious offering to god, it is a kind of offering their beauty to God. So many devotees do tonsuring at this temple. There is yet another god named Samaya Karuppar inside this shrine, people sacrifice goat and cock to this God, devotees also offer liquor, cigar and opium.


Pandi Muneeswarar temple is found crowded on all days, devotees perform one or other ceremonies throughout the year, specific among them is Maha Shiva Rathiri, on this day thousands of devotees gather at this temple and pray to the god all night. Then before commencing any functions at the house first salutation is done to Pandi Muneeswarar. Even the first marriage invitation is kept in the feet of Lord Pandi.



Madurai Pandi temple is located at Madurai. From Madurai Mattuthavani bus stand this temple is just 2 kms. There are surplus busses to Pandi Temple from Madurai Mattuthavani.


Madurai railway station has connectivity throughout India. There are trains to all major states in India.


Madurai airport is at Avaniyapuram. There are taxi facilities from Madurai airport to this temple