Madurai Veeran

"He is coming... coming... coming... In a white horse... With fiery eyes... And Dark moustache... He is coming like a thunder... With a speed of the wind... To save us from the dangerous spirits and evil creatures... He is none other than the great Madurai Veeran..."

Madurai Veeran

Thus Madurai Veeran is hailed in one of the songs. For many a decades Madurai Veeran has been the peerless guardian God of Madurai. Even today women of Madurai roam in nights with the faith that Madurai Veeran will take care of them and protect them. And in many cases it’s been proved. There are victims living today who has been saved by the spirit of Madurai Veeran. It’s quite hard to digest the fact, but it is an unshakable belief among the locals that Madurai veeran is still alive and will guard them perpetually. And if we believe him truly, we can feel his presence.

Madurai veeran means the great warrior of Madurai, Madurai Veeran is known for his valor and courage. He is considered to be an icon of great man, and a true lover. Madurai Veeran temple is present inside the Meenakshi Amman temple.


The lore of Madurai Veeran goes like this, many eons ago, a king of South India abandoned his son, believing in an astrologer spell that, this child will bring him misfortune and bad luck. This abandoned child was found by a wood cutter in the forest and he happily took the child as he himself was childless. This child grew up in to a great warrior and most talented in the martial arts and was called as Madurai veeran by his friends.

Meanwhile Madurai was captured by Nayakkar and they ruled the region successfully, but the region was often attacked by theives, who were boisterous and violent. They looted all the houses and were a great problem to the society. In order to put an end to the atrocities of these gangsters Thriumalai Nayakar appointed Madurai Veeran as the chief warrior. Madurai Veeran did his job excellently, his valor and courage made everyone spellbound.

Eventually one of the ladies belonging to Royal family named Vellaiammal, fell in love with Madurai Veeran, this came to the knowledge of Nayak and he was highly furious. Madurai Veeran belonged to a low caste and the lady belonged to royal family, so love between them was unaccepted by the society during that time. In order to maintain the royal pride Nayak ordered his men to slay Madurai Veeran.

Madurai Veeran even though knew he was brought to be killed he didn’t oppose, rather he embraced death. His one leg and one hand was amputated (maru kai maru kal) and was killed. Hearing this news Vellaiammal and Bommi Madurai veeran’s wife both traced the path of their husband and died. Later the king felt guilty for his deeds and in nights he was disturbed by the spirit of Madurai Veeran. So to pacify the dead souls of Madurai Veeran and his consorts he erected a temple and offered prayers regularly. Later the spirit of Madurai Veeran became the guardian angel of Madurai and people revere him with great admiration.


early once during the eve of Maha Shiva Rathiri (month of February), people belonging to Madurai Veeran temple gather at the temple and spend all the night at the temple chanting the slogas of gods. Some prepare Sweet pudding (Pongal) in temple and distribute to all the devotees, some sacrifice goat to the God and offer liquor along with Cigar ( Surutu).

Before commencing any functions in the house people having Madurai Veeran as the family deity offer the firstanointment to the God and pray for his presence throughout the function.

How to Reach

Madurai Veeran temple is located in Madurai inside the compound of Meenakshi Amman temple


There are lots of buses to Madurai, from all major towns. From Madurai Matuthavani bus stand there are lot of local buses and autos to Meenakshi Amman temple.

Railway station:

Madurai junction is very near to Madurai Veeran temple, you can reach there by walk.


Madurai airport is at Avaniyapuram. There are taxi facilities from Madurai airport to this temple