Ayyanar Kochadai - Madurai

Ayyanar Kochada

Ayyanar shrines can be found in many places, and in Madurai there are lots of Ayyanar shrines. People of Madurai are great devotees of village guardian deities and they revere these Gods more than prime deities. One such Ayyanar temple is near Kochadai. This temple is quite larger and has about 21 deities including Muthiahswami, Karuppuswami, Agni Veerabadrar, Karuppayi Amman, Sangilikaruppu, Kaluvadikaruppu, Meiyandi Amman, Nagappaswami, Sannasi, Aadipoosari, Pechiamman, Muthukaruppuswami, Irulappaswami, Veeranaswami, Rakkayi Amman, Irylayee Amman, Chappani, Sonai Muniyandi and Badrakali.


The Ayyanar graces with a bow and so he is named as Villayudham Udaya Ayyanar (the one with a bow), and he is considered to be very powerful. People travelling across his shrine pray to him for safe journey and success in their endeavors.

Another specialty of this temple is the Nagamman shrine under the tamarind tree. Those who are suffering from serpent dhoshas, visit this temple every Fridays and offer milk to the Naga lord.

People having Kochadai Ayyanar as the family deity, do their first prayer to this Ayyanar, before commencing any good deeds. It is a strong believe among the locals that, if anyone disrespects Ayyanar, their family will come to doom.


Kochadai is one of the most significant place in Saivism, as it is one among the place where Lord Shiva did his 64 Thiruvilayadal (blissful pranks). Once there was an old granny named Vandhi lived in this village. She spent her days by selling Puttu (rice cake) to the travelers.

On an unfortunate day the river Vaigai got flooded and caused severe damage. In order to repair the damages, the king Pandya ordered that, one person from every house should help in repairing the demolitions. But Vandhi was the only one in her family and was not in the state to go for social work, at this moment Lord Shiva disguised himself as a youngster and promised to go in favor of the granny, if she gave him Puttu for free. She readily gave him Puttu for the dinner and sent him to work in behalf of her. But Shiva slept in the work field instead of working, seeing his laziness the king slashed him with a whip, the very next second every other workers even the King felt a pang at the back and was shocked to see whip wound on the skin. Later they all realized that, the young man was none other than Lord Shiva himself. As this is the place where the king got anger and hit Lord Shiva (Kovichu Adi), they named it as Kochadai. To signify this incident, a Shiva temple was built.


Kochadai is a small village near Madurai. Busses are available from Madurai Periyar bus stand to Kochadai.

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