Vivekananda memorial

Vivekananda rock memorial attracts lots of tourists every year; this rock serves to be a best spot for taking photos and overlook at the vast blue ocean. After a great struggle this memorial has been erected and now it stands majestically. This rock is located 500 meters away from the main land and can be reached only through ferries.

vivekananda memorial


On this rock Swami Vivekananda indulged in meditation and even goddess Kumari performed her austerity. So in order to pay tribute to Swami Vivekananda this memorial was built. This grand rock memorial was inaugurated in 1970. In the beginning, this rock was a bone of contention between both Christians and Hindu, both of them claiming the rock as theirs. Then after undergoing many hardships, this spectacular building was erected. Men from different parts of India were brought to construct this memorial. And so it is built in a collage of all temples in India.


Architecture of this memorial is highly praised by many, there is a main hall consisting of Vivekananda statue and a smaller hall with the foot prints of Swami. Both the halls are adorned with the statues of elephant and flowers. There is also a meditation hall attached to the main sanctum. This meditation hall has the best atmosphere and can make even highly tensed mind to calm down. There is also a book stall, with all books of Vivekananda. This place is fully surrounded by deep Blue Ocean and is a perfect spot to relax oneself. The ferry trip from the land to this rock is quite refreshing one. Adjacent to this rock memorial is Thiruvalluvar statue standing atop a small boulder. After visiting Vivekananda rock, you may take a look at Thiruvalluvar statue.


This memorial is situated 500 meters way from Vavathu Thurai, in Kanyakumari district.


There are bus facilities from Ramanad, Madurai and all major parts of Tamilnadu. This memorial is situated in sea, so you have to take a ferry from the mainland.


Trains are available from Madurai, Nagercoil, Rameshwaram and Chennai.


Nearest airport to Kanyakumari is at Trivandrum.