Alamparai Fort

Alamparai fort is one of the less explored destination near Chennai. The 17th century monument, is build during the Mughal era at Kadappakkam. Though only few remains of the fort is left, it is worth visiting. During the rule of Mughal this fort had some hundred metres long seaport, through which rich Zari cloths, pure ghee, and salt are sent to other countries. This fort got destroy in the year 2004 due to the Indian Ocean earthquake.

Tourist Information:

Alamparai fort nestles in a serene land, encircled by backwaters and sea. There are steps inside the fort that leads to the top of the building. From the verge of the fort, the scenery is mind-blowing, we can see sand patches that separates Backwaters from the sea water. But we have to be very careful while climbing up, as the steps are crumbly. The most amazing part of this forts is that, the tourist can go on a water cruise in local fishermen’s boat.

The locals are very friendly and render helping hand readily. You can also go with the fishermen for fishing inside the sea, only if you are not afraid of water. The pressure of water you feel while switching from backwaters to the sea water will be a memorable experience. Unlike other places, Alamparai is less crowded and stands serenely up a small sand mound. Watching sunrise from the top of the fort can really give you goosebumps.

Alamparai serves as a backdrop for many South Indian films and serials. The architecture of this fort can’t be classified as only few fortifications, walls and steps are left. Fort is in Indo Persian architecture though been built on Mughal era. This fort is built with red bricks and limestones. The Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC) listed the fort as one of twenty lesser known tourist spots in the state. A recent survey says that, this fort receives an average number of 25,000 visitors every year. The Corporation listed the fort in the international tourism fair held at Berlin.


Kadapakkam is near to 100 kms from Chennai, 5kms from Vedal, and 50kms from Mahabalipuram. There is no direct bus facilities from Chennai or Pondi to Kadapakkam. It is best to hire a taxi or cab to reach this zone.

Nearby places to visit:

Alamparai fort is near to Kanchipuram, you hire a taxi to Kanchipuram and visit all its incredible tempels. Kanchipuram is well known for it’s very old and powerful. Some important temples to visit at Kanchipuram are Ekambareshvara temple, Kailasanatha temple, Varatharaja Perumal temple, and Vaikunthanatha Perumal temple.