Top Slip Hill Station - Tamilnadu

Top Slip is a popular hill station of Tamil Nadu. It is located in the Anamalai hill region of the Western Ghats. Top Slip is known for its beautiful scenery, rich biodiversity, and ecotourism opportunities. This place offers a quiet and peaceful environment with lush greenery, misty mountains and diverse wildlife and fauna. The hill station is named after the activity of topping the logs during British era. Top Slip is a popular destination for nature lovers, wildlife lovers and adventure seekers. Hill Station offers a variety of activities and attractions to suit different interests.


One of Top slip’s main attractions is the wildlife safari that are offered by the Forest Department. Tourists can explore the national park by jeep or elephant accompanied by a guide. People can also go on trekking, stay in a tree house and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Elephant camp walks are especially popular with tourists where they can witness trained elephants or go on an elephant rides.

How to reach:

The nearest airport to Pollachi is Coimbatore 41 km. From Pollachi to Top slip via the Parambikulam Highway covers about 38 kilometers.

Top places:Parambikulam tiger reserve, Aliyar Dam, Top slip tiger forest.

Activities: Trekking, hiking, camping, picnicking and nature photography.

Best time to visit: November to April.