Kolli Hill Station - Tamilnadu

Kolli Hills in Tamil Nadu offers a unique and exciting adventure that will tempt adventurers. Kolli Hills boasts 70 beautiful spots, making it a favourite destination for motor biking enthusiasts. Known for its natural beauty, this hill station is a rich source of biodiversity. Located at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level, Kolli Hills attracts hundreds of hikers and nature lovers from all over the country.


The climate here is pleasant, and the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. Kolli Hills has also gained a tourist destination status due to its two beautiful temples, Ettukai Amman Temple and Arapaleeswarar Temple. The view of the beautiful Agasaganai waterfall from the Kolli Hills mesmerizes anyone who looks at it.

How to Reach Kolli Hills:

Namakkal to Kolli hills 55 km. nearest airports Salem Airport 72 Km and Trichy International airport 93 Km.

Places To Visit In Kolli Hills :

Seeku parai View point, Maasila Falls, Ettukai Amman temple, Agaya Gangai falls.

Best Time to visit Kolli Hills:

March to June or August to December.

Activities:Mountain Biking, Nature walks and photography.