Tamil New Year - Tamilnadu

Celebrated all across the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the Tamil New Year marks the beginning of the Tamil year or the first day in the Tamil calendar. It is also called as ‘Puthu varusham’ meaning ‘New Year’. It falls on April 14th every year and is the first day of the Tamil month of Chithirai.


This day is observed by the people in Tamil Nadu where they greet their family, friends and relatives wishing them ‘Iniya Puthandu Vazhthukkal’ or ‘Puthandu Vazhthukkal’ meaning Happy New Year.

As per the oldest surviving Tamil scripture of ‘Tolkappiyam’, the seasons are divided into six types and the Chithrai month marks the beginning of the summer season. On this day, the people in Tamil Nadu clean their houses, dress up in fine clothes, prepare sweets and other savories and visit temples.

On this day the traditional dish of Pachadi is made out of neem flowers and raw mango to symbolize prosperity and growth. This day is observed as a family time where people spend time with their family.

Young people take the blessings of their elders and the family finally sits down to feast on the delicious meal which also includes Payasam for dessert.

Celebrations :April 14th (Annually)