Ramzan also known as Ramadan is celebrated by Muslims worldwide. In the Islamic language it is known as Eid. This celebration marks the end of the Ramzan month of fasting. Ramadan in Islamic language means dryness or scorching heat.


Eid is celebrated in Tamil Nadu as the Muslims come together, hug each other and wish each other happiness, harmony and brotherhood. The Muslims in the state of Tamil Nadu visit mosques, pray and show their gratefulness to Allah.

During the festival, Muslims offer gifts to each other and break their month long fast by preparing the traditional biryani. They also offer gifts to the needy and spread joy.

According to legend, it is believed that it was during this month the holy book of Quran was revealed to the Prophet Mohammad after his tedious fasting and praying. That is why even today the same way of fasting is done by Muslims all over the world during the Ramadan month.

Celebrations :Usually it occurs at the end of the Islamic month of Ramadan.