Mangani Thiruvizha - Tamilnadu

Mangani Thiruvizha

Mangani thiruvizha is a unique festival, which is celebrated only in Krishnagiri. This festival is celebrated for 23 days in the month of June. Mangani thiruvizha is a famous festival in Krishnagiri, which is celebrated at Krishnagiri alone. This festival falls in the month of June, during which fresh mangoes are harvested and sellers from different parts with varieties of mangoes come here to sell their goods. This festival lasts for 23 days.

A festival showcasing variegated mango fruits of groves across the state and from neighbourhoods. Every year the mango festival otherwise known as ‘Mangani Thiruvizha’ is celebrated at Government Boys Hr. Sec. School, Krishnagiri. The chief aim of the festival is to uphold the farmers of mango groves in and around Krishnagiri.