Diwali Festival

Unlike in North India, the festival of lights in Tamil Nadu is called as Deepavali. According to legend this day is celebrated as the day when Lord Krishna killed the demon Narakasuran on the day of Chatrudasi.


Tamil Nadu does not light lamps during Deepavali as the Festival of Lights comes on the month of December on Karthigai. It was the demon Narakasuran’s wish that on the day of his death people should celebrate the victory of Good over Evil and burs crackers in celebration of joy.

On the day of this festival, people wake up early in the morning, take the traditional oil bath and wash their body from hair to toe. Ladies with long hair usually let their mothers or grandmothers put the smoke of incense around their hair.

They make sweets and savories and offer them to their friends and neighbors to spread joy. They burst crackers during the day and in the evenings when the skies light up with the sparkle of the fireworks.

Celebrations :The festival is celebrated on Naraka Chatrudasi (Annually).