Christmas is celebrated in Tamil Nadu on the birthday of Jesus Christ which comes every year on 25th December. Tamil Nadu celebrates Christmas in a rich and regal way, as fit for the arrival of a king. During the festival the entire state is covered in a joyous celebration of Christmas. The local bakers bake rich plum puddings and cakes that are piping hot from the ovens, the trees are lined with decorated lights and everywhere you can hear the gong off church bells ringing.


The entire day is a tassel of the towns and cities. The preparation for the festival begins from the beginning of December and lasts till even after New Year. The churches are blanketed with decorative lights and sing carols till the late night dawns into morning.

The dazzling festival of Christmas beckons many a visitor to this state. The cafés are lined with exotic treats, all the hotels, parks, monuments and places where the festive look giving the complete essence of Christmas.

Celebrations : December 25th (Annually)