Kongalamman Temple - Erode

Kongalamman Temple

Kongalamman temple, is located in Kongu region and is the custom deity of the locals. This Amman temple is very prominent in Erode district. The first respect is given to this temple and only then is carried to other temples.

Location of Kongalamman Temple :

This temple is located at Kongu region near Erode.


The most distinctive feature of this temple, is the well. There is a well inside the temple pavilion which will never drain even in draught seasons. The statue of the goddess, has twelve hands and adorned with extraordinary crown and graces with a pleasing smile. Madurai Veeran in the temple is seen with his two consorts Bommi and Vellaiyammal. There are also shrines for Karuppannasamy, Kannimar, Pechiamman, Katteri, Muniappan and Veerabadran. The epigraphs belonging to 13th and 19th century can be still found in the temple premise.
Yet another specialty of this temple is that, the idol of the goddess is swayambu (naturally found). People visit this temple seeking justice from the goddess. Many programs are conducted in the temple on certain auspicious days.


The legend has it that, people of Kongu many years back, dug the land to create a water tank, luckily they found 2.5 feet tall Amman idol. They built a temple for this Amman and started praying her. People believe that, Amman will be present in all their functions.

Festivals of Kongalamman Temple:

All festivals are celebrated grandly in this temple. Punguni uthram, Karthigai and Navarathiri are very special.

How to reach Kongalamman Temple ?

This temple is in Erode district. Buses are available from Coimbatore and Trichy.

Address of Kongalamman Temple

Kongalamman Kovil Street, Thirunagar Colony, Erode, Tamil Nadu 638001