Vandi Karuppu Temple

Come here Lord save us from miseries…….Make our life prosperous……..Give our soul peace………Shower us with your immense blessing……Vandi Karuppu we are your beloved children…..Forgive all our sins and bless us……..

Vandi Karuppu temple is located in Ayyalur Dindugal. Vandi in Tamil means vehicles, the Lord Karuppasamy in this temple is the guardian of all the vehicles that passes across this area and so he is named as Vandi karuppu. Though the temple is small, it is thronged with devotees all the time. People make clay idols of cow, horse, goat, and elephant and offer them to the God to relieve them from witch crafts, incurable diseases, and body ailments.


Once many eons ago, a group of travelers from Kerala, went on a trip to Madurai, as they were crossing this particular area, their cart didn’t move and were surprised to find a stone under their cart. They tried to move the stone aside but, they couldn’t. They all put efforts to remove the stone, but everything failed, at last an old man who passed by them told them that, this stone is none other than Karupparayan, so praying to him before starting your journey, will bring you good luck and he vanished. Later they prayed to Karupparayana and installed the stone under a shade and started their journey. In a mean while Vandi Karuppu became very famous and everyone started to believe in him.


The horse festival that takes place once in seven years at this temple is one of the grandest festival in this surrounding. People from all seven villages join together and celebrate grandly. Women are not allowed inside the Primary shrine, they can see Lord Vandi karuppu from the outer pavilion. During this horse festival, devotees offer clay horses to the Lord which is known as ‘Eedu Sumathuthal.’ and pray for good fortune and peaceful life.


Vandi karrupu samy temple is located near Dindigul. Buses are available from Dindigul main bus stand to this temple.


Dindigul railway station has connectivity to Madurai and other major cities.


Madurai Airport is the nearest one to this temple.