Sivakasi City Guide - Tamilnadu

Little Japan of India, Cracker City of India
It is situated 18 kms west of sattur and 18kms east of srivilliputhur. It is 70kms south-west of Madurai. It has railway station. Bus services are available in all directions.

It is stated that Arikesari Parakrama Pandiyan (1420-1462) constructed a temple at Tenkasi and went to Banaras for taking a Lingam for installation at Tenkasi. On his return he was unavoidably detained at Sivakasi, which was a forest area. At the approach of the auspicious law, he installed the lingam and constructed the temple at this place. This place take its name for this incident. During the period of Nayaks, Sivakasi was the seat fo a Governor.

Sivakasi is an important industrial town. It is famous for lithographic and offset printing, Match and Fireworks industries. Next to Sivakasi Lithographic and offset printing is done only in Mumbai. In and around Sivakasi, there are fireworks manufacturing units, manufacturing crackers, sparklers, Chakkarams etc. Sivakasi is well equally known in the production of matches. Most of the fireworks consumed by Indians are supplied from Sivakasi.

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