Velankani City Guide - Tamilnadu

Overlooking the Bay of Bengal, Velankanni is a quaint little town situated in the state of Tamil Nadu. The Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health, popularly known as the Velankanni Church is the crowning glory of this little hamlet.


The Church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary whom the devotees affectionately call as Velankanni Matha. Also known as Sacred Arogya Matha Church, the Velankanni Church is a renowned Marian sanctuary of the world. The stunning white shrine with red roofing and Gothic style of architecture admires everyone with its spectacular beauty.

The main speciality of Velankanni Church is that the Holy Mass is conducted in 8 different languages; English, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Konkani and Marathi. Many miracles are believed to have happened in Velankanni.

Everyone believes that Virgin Mary had appeared at Velankanni in front of a shepherd boy, cured a lame buttermilk vendor and also protected Portuguese traders from drowning during a storm. Hence, the place is extra-special and is known for its miraculous events. Velankanni attracts many tourists and devotees with spectacular beaches and various religious centres.

Popular As: 'Lourdes of the East'.

Prominent Places to Visit:

  • Velankanni Church: Velankanni is one of the much sought-after Christian pilgrimage centres in India.
  • Nagapattinam: Nagapattinam is an incredible tourist destination with a mix of many religious centres of Christians, Hindus and Muslims.
  • Velankanni Church Museum: Velankanni Church Museum is a unique museum that displays the offerings presented to the Mother Mary (Velankanni Matha) by the devotees as a token of gratitude for the bountiful blessings they received.
  • Velankanni Beach: Velankanni Beach is a beautiful palm-fringed beach with golden sands situating in the vicinity of the glorious Velankanni Church.

Best Time to Visit + (Climate Condition):

November to February is regarded as the best time to visit Velankanni. The days are pleasant and sunny while the nights are cold and soothing during the winter season in Velankanni. The temperature remains modest and ranges between 21 degree Celsius to 29 degree Celsius during this season. Summer months from March to June is highly recommended to avoid visiting Velankanni because of the scorching heat and humidity. Heavy rain knocks Velankanni during the monsoon months from July to September and there are chances of thunderstorms also. The temperature during monsoon season in Velankanni varies between 24 degree Celsius to 29 degrees Celsius.

How to Reach :

By Air - Tiruchirappalli (Trichy) International Airport is the nearest airport to Velankanni which is situated at a distance

By Rail - Velankanni Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Palani which is just 800 meters away.

By Road - Velankanni Bus Station is the nearest bus station to Palani which is just 1.7 Km away.