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Tranquebar Known as Tharangambadi, Tranquebar is a town in the district of Nagapattina, Tamil Nadu. It is situated along the Coromandel Coast and was the first trading post of the Danish in India. As a former Danish colony, Tranquebar is a natural portal that takes visitors back in time.

Places to Visit Tranquebar

The Town Gate : The entry into the town of Tranquebar is welcomed by the Town Gate that stands as an arch way for visitors. This Town Gate is built at the edge of the town and is built in the style of an ancient fortress.
Fort Dansborg : Built in the Danish style, the fort Dansborg is a Danish fort and which lies along the coastline and is characterized by large halls and rooms. The fort itself one outside is majestic to look at. In the early days of the construction of the fort there were a lot of settlements around it and the region was a thriving one.
Old Danish cemetery : With magnificent forts and medieval houses, the Danish also had their cemeteries built in the town of Tranquebar. With the beautiful exquisite architecture of the Danish style, the tombstones resemble a beautifully carved monuments.

Things To Do Tranquebar

The Zion Church, Banglow on the beach and the Danish Museum.

Best Time to Visit in Tranquebar

Situated along the coastal region, Tranquebar makes a wonderful palce to visit during the months of August – March.

How to Reach Tranquebar

By Air - The Chennai airport is the nearest airport to Tranquebar with a distance of 270 kilometers.
By Rail - The nearest railway station lies at Nagapattinam district which is 35 kilometers from the town.
By Road - Tranquebar is well connected by the state transport and one can hire or rent a car to reach Tranquebar by road.

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