Pettai Amman Temple - Coimbatore

Pettai Amman Temple

Petti Amman dwells in a temple at Mettupalayam, near Coimbatore. The sublime beauty of this temple attracts all the visitors. The Amman graces from her sanctum with mesmerizing beauty; Her serene eyes, calm facial expression depicts her most divine and lovely.
Pettai Amman has four hands, each one having a Trishool, vermillion pot, serpent ring and last one holds the power to destroy the evil. Before the Effigy of Amman is the light lamp and a giant Trident. There is also a post for holding fire pots (Poo chatti). The other specialty of this temple is that, there is a naturally formed effigy of Pettai Amman, which is kept adjacent to the new one and is revered highly. People with ailments visit this temple to get cured and lead a healthy life.
In the front yard of the temple is a sacrificing spot (Pali peeda) which is used in ancient period. There are also the shrines of Lord Vinayaka, Sri Bala Kumara, Lord Saneeswarar and Sri Sundaraswarar. The surrounding of the temple is very pleasant and lovely. This temple is found crowded on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, which are the auspicious days for Amman.

Location of Pettai Amman Temple :

Pettai Amman temple is located at Mettupalayam near Coimbatore.

Distinctiveness :

Many miracles had happened in this temple, one such miracle happened about 65 years ago. That time the chief priest’s son suffered from smallpox. The disease reached its final stage, even the doctors lost their hope. But the priest didn’t lose hope, he carried his five years old son to Pettai Amman temple and put him in a cradle in front of Amman, soon the boy opened his eyes and survived from the incurable disease. Now this boy is the chief priest of Pettai Amman temple.


The legend of Pettai Mariamman has it that, eons ago traders of Sathyamangala took their vegetables, and groceries to Mettupalayam for sales. The path between these cities is rough and uneven, so merchants took rest here and there before reaching Mettupalayam. On a fine day a trader took all his vegetables for the market in Metttupalayam, during his journey he took rest in a place and then started to resume, but, was confused to see a piece of rock, a garland and a lime. He was perplexed and didn’t know what to do with these, so he took the stone, garland and the lime out of his cart and placed it on the ground and started to proceed, unfortunately his carts didn’t move, he tried all the means to move the cart but it couldn’t move away from the stone. Later he realized that, the stone has some magical powers and loaded the stone in his cart and resumed his journey. After selling all his goods, he took the stone, garland, and lime and place them under the neem tree; there he apologies before the Goddess for behaving so badly and seeks Her mercy upon him. The Goddess appeared before him, saying that he had placed Her in the right spot, so he need not worry anymore. From that day onwards people started to worship Pettai Amman at this neem tree. Some days after the Amman appeared in the village Chief’s dream and asked him to raise a temple for Her. As per Her wish, the very next day all the village people joined together and started building a temple for Goddess Pettai Amman.

How to Reach Pettai Amman Temple?

Bus: This temple is located near Mettupalayam. Buses and taxis are available from Coimbatore to Mettupalayam. From there you can take auto to reach this temple.

Address of Pettai Amman Temple?

Sri Pettai Maha Mari Amman Temple, S S Puram, Mettupalayam - 641301, Coimbatore District.
Phone: +91 9943937769