Ellai karupparayar Temple

Ellai karupparayan is the family deity for many people in Perur. People visit this temple before commencing any functions or before going on trip and pray to Eallai Karuppu for safety during their journey. The idol of Karruparayar is a swayambu (naturally found), the special feature of this temple is the eternal cool breeze that embrace us all the time. The temple is found few level down the earth and it is said that even the idol has been submerged few feets down

“Ellai Karupparayar you are our savior…
You are our guardian…
We are ready to give ourselves to you…
Please save our future generation…
And bless us with all prosperity…”


People worship Ealli Karuppu for eternal physical welfare and protect them from accidents. Devotees offer fruits, coconut, garlands and goats to Karupparayar, to make their wish come true. People having this god as their family deity do the first tonsuring of their children here, they also give all first respect to Karupparayar, before commencing any functions. This is the only temple where money or dresses are not offered to God, adding to it there is no Hundi in this temple. This is a custom that is been followed for many years.


The legend has it that once this temple was inside the jungle area and fully covered by thorn bushes. The hunters who used to hunt animals in this village worship Karupparayar, and offer him a part of their hunt during their return. Later the temple was modified and visited by all villagers, as the power of Karupparayar became evident through many incidents. People made it a custom to sacrifice a goat or cock to Karupparayar to make their wish come true.

The blessing of Karupparayar made the villagers get settled in high position. To till date all the villagers make it compulsory to attend the annual chitirai festival taking place in this temple at any cost. Those who deliberately fail to attend the function is believed to be punished by Karupparayar.



This temple is located in about 6 kms from Coimbatore. There are lots of bus facilities to this temple from Coimbatore. This temple is located on the way to Siruvani.


Coimbatore railway station is the nearby railway station to this temple.


The nearest airport is at Coimbatore.