Arulmigu Masani Amman Temple - Coimbatore

Arulmigu Masani Amman Temple

One of the very unique Amman temples in India, is Masani Amman temple. This temple is built upon the cremation ground, and the sanctum of Goddess Amman is also built upon the cremation area and ergo the Amman is called as Masani Amman by the locals and later it became the name of the temple.
The deity of the goddess is seven feet long and is in gigantic sleeping position, her head is in East side and her feet faces the West. It is a very special form of Amman, no other Amman in India is found in sleeping position. At the end of the deity’s feet, a statue of Asuran is found, near to it about two feet high effigy of Masani stands magnificently.

Location of Arulmigu Masani Amman Temple :

This temple is located at Annaimalai near Pollachi. It takes 1.30 hrs from Coimbatore to reach this temple.

Distinctiveness :

This temple is a court for all justice seekers, people who lost their belongings, properties and cheated by their partners or friends, visit this temple to make their enemies suffer for their illicit activities. In the Western side of the temple there is a stone similar to Lingam, here people in need of justice grind red chilies and apply it on the stone, whishing that all their problems should be solved and their enemies should gain their proper punishment. People also offer Masani amman mud statue in order to get married soon.


There are many legends of Masani Amman. The very famous and known legend is that, The Masani Amman in here was erected by a pious priest. Once a villainous giant named Magudasuran, tortured the village people and kept them as his slaves. The villagers lost their patience, as his atrocities went beyond the limit. In order to put an end to all this barbarity a priest in Annaimalai, created a yaha, using the kerosene (Mannennai) from the cremation ground he lit the lamp. From this lamp Goddess Masani arose in the form of Light and annihilate the Asura. From that day onwards she was hailed as the Goddess of justice.
Another legend is that goddess Maha Shakthi arosed in this cremation ground and blessed Lord Rama to conquer Ravana and save Sita. Even in Vedas there is a mention of Masani Amman.
Yet another legend is that, the king of Kongu nadu named Kootru Nannan, had his mango groove in this area. This King’s love for mango is incredible, he wants all the mangoes for himself and became furious if anyone eats the mangoes in his grove. Once, while he was plucking mangoes from the tree, one of the mangoes slipped from his hands and fell into the stream near the garden. On the other side of the river a women was taking bath, she found this mango and tasted it, the very next second she was beheaded by the king. Without committing any mistake she was punished mercilessly by the king. This girl in order to gain justice from the heartless king, became a goddess Herself and fights against injustice. Later she was named as Masani.

Festivals and celebrations of Arulmigu Masani Amman Temple

The most phenomenal festival in this temple is the Mayana Puja, this festival falls in the month of February-march on the night of Maha shiva rathiri. On this day a function named Elumbukkadi is celebrated in the banks of River Noyyal for Goddess Angalamman. This deity is considered to be the guardian angel of Masani amman, after this function the Anglamman is taken back to the main sanctum and worshipped. Other festivals are Adi peruku, chithirai kani and New Year.

How to Reach Arulmigu Masani Amman Temple?

Bus: There are lots of buses from Coimbatore main bus stand to Masani Amman temple. You can also take buses from Pollachi.

Address of Arulmigu Masani Amman Temple?

Temple Rd, Pollachi Taluk, Coimbatore District, Anaimalai, Tamil Nadu 642104
Phone :04253 282 337