Kurungudi kathayi Amman Temple - Chidambaram

Kurungudi kathayi Amman Temple - Chidambaram

Kurungudil Kathayi Amman temple is located near Chidambaram, this temple is very unique, and as it has three of the Amman's in the same sanctum. The temple is simple and sublime, people having problems or disputes with their relatives come here for a solution. The temple sits amidst a lovely environment, with six guardian angels in the front pavilion and the sanctums, of Lord Shiva, Lord Muruga, Lord Vinayaka, and lord Muneeswarar are installed around the Praharam (Outer pavilion). The three Amman's in this temple are Kathali Amman, Pachaivali Amman, and Poogkurathi Amman.
Kathali Amman is found carrying Lord Muruga in one of her arms and she is also known as Kulanthai Amman.

Location of Kurungudi kathayi Amman Temple :

Karungudil Katha Kathayi Amman temple is located at Chidambaram.

Distinctiveness :

The goddesses in this temple are very powerful and can solve any kind of disputes between relatives, husband, and Wife. People offer rosewater anointment to Amman for a happy and peaceful life. People also visit this temple to have a normal delivery. Lord Shiva in this temple faces the West, which is the direction meant for studies, music, and art. So students worship this Shiva on every Thursday to shine in their studies. The temple is open from morning 6 am to 11 am, then from 4 pm to 8 pm.


Many decades ago, First Vikrama Cholan ruled Chidambaram, who was a pious devotee of Goddess Kathayi Amman, and he once decides to raise a war against Vamisa Sekara Pandian. Pandian who is a pacifist and also a pious devotee of Lord Shiva didn’t want to fight against Cholan and kill people. So he went to Chokkanathar ( Lord Shiva) and explained his predicament, Lord Shiva touched by his prayers, he himself disguised as a tribe ( Kuravan) and went for a duet with Vikrama Cholan. As the duet became very serious, Cholan was at the edge of death, he later realized that the tribe was none other than Lord Shiva himself. He Surrendered before Lord Shiva and begged for mercy, Lord Shiva forgave him and blessed him that in the next birth he would born again as Cholan and will rule his empire without war.
As per the Lord’s words, First Vikrama Cholan, in his next birth became Second Vikrama Cholan, and he worshipped Goddess Kathayi and Lord Shiva. He ruled his nation with violence, even when he was disturbed now and then by his relatives, in order to avoid a fight he appealed to Goddess Meenakshi. Like Lord Shiva, Goddess Meenakshi disguised herself as a tribal woman ( Kurathi) and solved the problem between Second Vikrama Cholan and his relatives.
To pay tribute to the Goddesses who helped him, Cholan placed all the three Amman’s in the same sanctum and started to worship.

How to Reach Kurungudi kathayi Amman Temple?

Bus: This temple is near Chidambaram, buses are available from Chidambaram main bus stand. You can also take a taxi from Chidambaram to this temple.