Marina Beach

Marina beach is adorned with golden sands, lovely promenades, queued up palm trees, surplus stalls, and lots of sea lovers. This sea takes the pride of being the second longest beach in the world. The cool embrace of the air cuddles you as you go on a peaceful stroll, and the foamy waters will tickle your feet as you go near it. This little paradise can bring all your sweet memories come back again.

Marina Beach - Chennai


The history of this place has roots few decades back, during7th century Mahabalipuram is the hot portal city in South India. Most of the monuments belong to the 7th and 8th centuries. Adding to it, this place holds a special place in all three dynasties of South India Pallavas, Cholas and cheras. The megalith urns, pots and jewels of late 6th century are been found in the outskirts of Mahabalipuram. It is also believed than visiting all temples in here and taking bath in the sea nearby will wash away all our sins.


The sculptures of Mahabaliburam is a piece of cake for all the archaeologist and architecture lovers. This small strip of land is more charismatic than any other place in Tamilnadu, the lovely waves dashing against the rocks and the beautiful rock sculptures anchored sublimely on the shores is a spectacular sight to behold. The Arjuna Penance in here is very famous for its monolith structure. This piece of art is carved out of from a single huge boulder. The artificial waterfalls carved on it adds more beauty, this whole carvings is based on the folklore of Mahabharata. Other monuments are based on varied god and goddess of Hindu religion. Few Buddha sculptures are found in here. The noteworthy monuments are Pancha Rathas, the shore temple, Varaha temple, and Descent of the Ganges.

Modes of transport:


Busses from Chennai koyambedu, velacheri and Kanchipuram are available around the clock to Mahabalipuram. You can also hire taxi to reach here.


The nearest airport is in Chennai.