Araikasu Amman Temple

Araikasu Amman Temple

Araikasu Amman shrine is found only in Rathnamangalam. The goddess in the form of Parvathi, graces in a sitting form, with four hands, and adorned with snake crown with a crescent on top.

Location of Araikasu Amman Temple:

Araikasu Amman temple is located in Rathanamangalam village near Chennai.


The most distinct feature of this temple is, this is the only temple in Tamilnadu having Araikasu Amman as the presiding deity.

It is a belief that if we pray whole heartedly to the Amman, the things we lost or misplaced will be found soon. The main prasadam in this temple is jaggery and coin with the emblem of the goddess.

This amman has lion vehicle (vahanam), during all festival the idol of Amman is carried on the lion vehicle around the temple premise. During these festival the whole temple is adorned with flowers and lamps.


The legend has it that, the ruler of Puddukottai is the pious devotee of Pragadambal, he revered this Amman as their favorite goddess (ista Devathai). On the eve of festivals, a packet with jaggery, puffed rice and a coin ( arai kasu) is provided to the devotees, in a meanwhile the Amman was called as Araikasu amman by the locals. Later it became the name of the Amman. Once the king lost one of his precious jewels, after praying to the Goddess Araikasu, the jewel was found, so he erected a temple here and started to worship.

Festivals in Araikasu Amman Temple:

Annual feast is celebrated in the month of August, other than that Navarathiri, new year, punguni uthiram and Magala Pooja are also celebrated.

How to Reach Araikasu Amman Temple?

This temple is located at Ratanamangalam Chennai.

Bus: Buses are available to Rathamangalam from Chennai bus stand, but it is better to hire a taxi from Chennai to reach this temple.

Train:The nearest railway station is at Chennai.