Nagapattinam Beach


Nagapattinam district has number of scenic beaches along the coastlines stretching for around 200kms. Every beach destination has its specialty and so the Nagapattinam Beach. It is one of the most scenic beaches in India, not much spoiled by the influx of tourists. Very near to the city, the Nagapttinam beach never fails to entertain its visitors.

The endless blue waters of the Bay of Bengal and the long golden sandy shores attract thousands of tourists round the year.

The towering lighthouse is the most prominent attraction of Nagapattinam beach. The light thrown from the tower at regular intervals makes the place quite colorful in the night and a pleasing site to witness.

Highlights :

Nagapattinam Beach is a famous beach in Tamil Nadu known for its pristine sand, clear blue water and peaceful environment. The beach runs along the Bay of Bengal offering beautiful views of both sunrise and sunset. Nagapattinam Beach is a best destination for locals and tourists because of its beauty and historical significance. The beach is well-maintained and provides visitors with many amenities such as restrooms, seating and food stalls. The beach's quiet and peaceful location makes it the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. One of the main features of Nagapattinam Beach is the long stretch of beach where visitors can take a walk or engage in activities such as beach volleyball or rowing. Swimming is also a popular pastime on Nagapattinam Beach. The lush greenery surrounding the beach adds to its natural appeal. Palm trees along the beach provide shade for those who want to escape the heat. The beautiful scenery of Nagapattinam Beach attracts photographers and nature lovers who capture the area's beautiful scenery and unique wildlife.