Srivilliputhur Andal Temple - Virudhunagar

Srivilliputhur Andal Temple

It is a twin temple 80 Kms from Madurai. Srivilliputtur is a temple town and one of the 108 divyadesams of Lord Sri Vishnu. To the devotees and Vaishnavites, Srivilliputtur is synonymous with Lord Vishnu, Periyalwar, and Andal.
It is an interesting place for enjoying the sculpture and ancient drawings in the temple. It gave – ‘Tiruppavai’ of Andal and ‘Tirupallandu’ of Periyalvar- the hymns on Lord Vishnu to Tamil Literature. These Tamil hymns – Tamil Vedam-Alwarpasurams- are recited every day at this temple. The state emblem of Tamil Nadu was designed on the basis of the gopura of this temple.