Panchamukha Anjaneyaswami Temple - Thiruvallur

Panchamukha Anjaneyaswami Temple - Thiruvallur

Panchamukha Anjaneyaswami Temple in Tamil Nadu is a must visit spiritual destination for the devotees of Hanuman. The temple is very famous for its unique and stunning architecture as it features intricate carvings, beautiful sculptures and impressive structural designs that reflect the artistic and architectural prowess of bygone eras. Visiting Panchamukha Anjaneyaswami temple offers a wonderful spiritual experience positive energy and both physical and mental well-being. The peaceful environment, religious rituals and the presence of the divine energies create an environment conducive to introspection and spiritual renewal. Located in a beautiful location, this temple offers a relaxation, rejuvenation from the hectic busy life.

History of Panchamukha Anjaneyaswami Temple

It is widely believed that the temple is associated with an event in the epic Ramayana, which tells the story of Lord Rama and his devoted disciple Hanuman. It is said that Hanuman took the form of Panchamukha Anjaneya to protect Lord Rama and Lakshmana during the war between Lord Rama's army and the demon king Ravana's army.

Speciality of Panchamukha Anjaneyaswami Temple

The speciality of this temple is the five-faced representation of Lord Hanuman, a rare and unique deity. The statue is carved from a stone and has five faces, each face is different, showing strength, courage, wisdom, passion and compassion. There are also five separate temples depicting the five cardinal points (east, west, north, side south and middle), each dedicated to one of the five faces of Lord Hanuman. This design is believed to represent all aspects of Lord Hanuman and his ability to protect devotees from all sides.

Visiting time – 6.30 AM -12.00 PM, 4.30 PM – 8.00 PM

Dress code

It is suggested to dress modestly. Ladies are suggested to wear only sarees, chudidhar, and kurtis. For Men Dhotis, shirt are preferred and trousers and short dresses should be avoided.

How to reach Panchamukha Anjaneyaswami Temple

By Air – Chennai airport is the nearest to reach Panchamukha Anjaneyaswami Temple covering 43 km.

By Train – Chennai Egmore railway station is the nearest junction to reach Panchamukha Anjaneyaswami Temple covering 8 km.

By Road - All road ways in Tamil Nadu are well- connected to reach Thiruvallur through NH16, NH205 and NH716.


1.Can I keep Panchamukha Anjaneya Swamy idol at home?

Yes, people can definitely keep Panchamukha Anjaneya Swamy idol at home

2. What are the benefits of keeping Panchamukha Anjaneya Swamy idol at home?

Keeping Panchamukha Anjaneya Swamy idol at home helps in eradicating negative energies.

3. Can women go to Hanuman temple?

Yes, Women can visit Hanuman temples.

4. What is the famous festival celebrated in Hanuman temple?

Hanuman Jayanthi (The birthday of Hanuman) is grandly celebrated in every hanuman temples

5. How is Panchamukhi Anjaneya Swamy Temple related to lord Ragavendra?

One day Lord Sri Anjaneya Swamy blessed Sri Raghavendra Swamy and appeared to him with five faces "panchamukha".