Mathura Kaliamman Temple Siruvachur

Mathura Kaliamman Temple

The renowned temple of Arulmigu Mathura Kaliamman at Siruvachur is located 50 kms form Trichy and 08 kms from Perambalur. Large number of devotes throng this temple on Mondays and Fridays to worship the powerful deity and seek her divine blessings.
According to tradition, Chelliamman was the local deity of Siruvachur. An evil magician, through his intense devotion to the deity won her favour. Pleased with his devotion, Chelliamman granted him any boon he wished. The cruel sorcerer wished that the deity should be his servant and do his bidding at all times. Bound by the power of her own boon, Chelliamman had no other option but to obey all his evil commands.

Mathura Kaliamman Temple Timings :

Mathura Kaliamman Temple Timing: 6.30AM to 9.00PM
Mathura Kaliamman Temple Abishegam Time: 11.00AM to 12.00PM
Mathura Kaliamman Temple Uchikaala Pooja Time: 1.00PM to 1.30PM