Om Sri Dattatreyar Temple - Tamilnadu

Om Sri Dattatreyar Temple

When We heard about Senglaipuram (Siva Kalipuram) it's usual that the name anandharama dikshidar is come to mind. From great maharishis to great sages were practicing their various divine yogas, mantras, homams here.

Sengalipuram is very well known for its divinity and especially for teaching of vedhas and mantras. Even in these modern days divine vedhas are being taught by bhramanas who strictly still following the way of "Agni Hotra" and holy Vedhas.

Sri ramananthar born in this village and learned Hindu puranas, vedhas and other holy scriptures. Dattakudeeram was established by Sri ramananthar Swamigal who was instructed by Sri Lord dattatreyar in his dream to establish dattar temple here in sengalipuram.Sri Ramananthar Swamigal enshrined Sri Datta Padugai here in dattakudeeram temple, sengalipuram along with the following yantras

How to Reach Dattatreyar Temple ?

Sengalipuram could be reached easily from Kumbakonam. Sengalipuram is situated in Kumbakonam - Tiruvarur Bus route.

By Road: Bus No: 3,13 from kumbakonam.

Nearest Railway Station: Kumbakonam - 25 Kms

Nearest Airport: Tiruchirapalli Airport - 110 Kms