Chellathamman Temple - Madurai

Chellathamman Temple

This temple is a tribute to Kannagi, the icon of chastity in Tamilnadu. This temple is laid in the place, where Kannagi stayed during her visit to Madurai. This temple also has Parvathi Shrine and the Amman is called as Chenbagathu Amman. More than Kannagi, Chellatha Amman became famous and her power attracts devotees from all over India.

Location of Chellatha Amman temple:

Chellatha Amman temple is located at Madurai.


The Amman graces from a pedestal in a sitting form with a Shoolam in one hand and has Kondrai flower in other hand. Kannagi shrine is found in the outer pavilion and is seen holding an anklet in one hand. Devotees pray to Kannagi with garlands and lime fruits for family harmony. Pechiamman shrine is just opposite to Chellathamman. There is also statues of Nagaraja, people suffering from serpent sin offer turmeric anointment to goddess Naga devi and offer flowers.
During the Meenakshi Sundareshwarar marriage, the first silk saree is offered to Chellatha Amman as an invitation to participate in the procession. The very next day Chellatha Amman appears in the procession wearing the Silk saree gifted to her.
Other than the shrines of Kannagi and Chellatha Amman, there are shrines for Mother Durga, Lord Meenakshi Sundareswarar, Aiyanar, Lord Kala Bhairava in the outer premise. Vinayaka in this temple is known as Lord Anugnai Vinayaka.


The temple is built by the Pandian kind as a tribute to Kannagi. But after the erection of this temple, there was continuous fire accidents took place in that area. People believed that, even after paying tribute to Kannagi, her anger is still at a high state, they performed many Poojas to calm her down, but nothing worked. Some days after Lord Shiva appeared in King’s dream and asked him to install a statue of Parvathi, if done so the temper of Kannagi would be reduced. As per the words of Lord, a Parvathi statue was installed in the inner premise of the temple and the Goddess was named Shenbagathu Amman, which later became Chellatha Amman. And in a meanwhile Chellatha Amman became very famous among the locals and all first poojas are performed to Amman, later carried to Kannagi.
People having skin and eye disease are advised to visit this temple at least once.

How to reach Chellatha Amman Temple ?

Chellatha Amman temple is located in Madurai.
Buses are available from all major cities to Madurai.