The Ardhanareeswarar Temple- Rishivandiyam

The Ardhanareeswarar Temple- Rishivandiyam

The Ardhanareeswarar Temple in Rishivandiyam is a popular temple in Tamil Nadu. It is located in Sankarapuram Taluk of the Kallakurichi District. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it holds many historical and religious significances. The presisiditing deity lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of Ardhanareeswarar – a combined form of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi Devi who is well known as Mukthambika. The temple architecture is exemplary as it features an east facing a five-tiered Rajagopuram. This temple houses several mandapams, including Vasantha Mandapam that has beautiful musical pillars and a Vahana Mandapam with Yazhi pillars. The Lingam in the temple is housed within the sanctum sanctorum where both Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi appear. There are also various shrines dedicated to many deities, including Lord Vishnu and Mother Parvathi and Nandi as well. The main attractions of this temple is the festivals like Aani Brahmotsavam, the Third Monday of Karthigai, and Shivaratri. Most importantly the monthly Pradoshams are very special hear which are accompanied with special pujas and abishekams.

History of The Ardhanareeswarar Temple- Rishivandiyam

During the Vijayanagara period, the Veera Vanniyars cultivated the land for agriculture. They found a Swayambhu Lingam with unique properties. This lingam is called Ardharaneswarar. Later, it was believed that the temple was built by the Pandyan king Maveeran Sundara Pandya in 1282 AD and was renovated by successive rulers, including the Vijayanagara kings and Nayak kings.

Speciality of The Ardhanareeswarar Temple- Rishivandiyam

Is very special because it is believed that this temple is one of the places where a Sage named Agastya received a divine vision of Lord Shiva’s celestial marriage.

Visiting time – 6.00 AM -12.00 PM, 4.00 PM -8.00 PM

Dress code

It is suggested to dress modestly. Ladies are suggested to wear only sarees, chudidhar, and Kurtis and for Men Dhotis, shirt are preferred and trousers and short dresses should be avoided.

How to reach The Ardhanareeswarar Temple- Rishivandiyam ?

By Air – Pondicherry airport is the nearest to reach Ardhanareeswarar Temple Rishshivandiyam covering 122 km

By Train – Villupuram railway station is the nearest junction to reach Ardhanareeswarar Temple Rishshivandiyam covering 76 km.

By Road - All road ways in Tamil Nadu are well- connected to reach Kallakurichi through NH 47, NH208 and NH67.


1. What is the famous Ardhanareeswarar Temple?

Thiruchengode Ardhanareeswarar Temple is a very popular.

2. Why did Lord Shiva become Ardhanareeswarar Temple?

According to Hindu mythology Lord Shiva became Ardhanareeswarar when the gods requested him produce a male heir.

3. What are the benefits of worshipping Ardhanareeswarar?

Worshipping Ardhanareeswarar blesses couple with strong bond.

4. Is there a female avatar of lord Shiva?

Mohini was the female avatar of Lord Shiva.

5. Who is powerful Shiva or Shakti?

Both Shiva and Shakti are equally powerful