Amritaghateswarar Abirami Temple - Thirukadaiyur

Amritaghateswarar-Abirami Temple - Thirukadaiyur

Located in Thirukkadaiyur, Amritaghateswarar-Abirami Temple is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Abirami. The architectural and historical significance of the temple makes it a famous tourist destination in south India. The temple's interiors showcases intricate carvings, a majestic gopuram (ornate entrance tower) and shrines to various deities. These intricate craftsmanship and detailed sculptures in the temple complex reflect the rich cultural heritage of the region. Devotees visiting the Amritaghateswarar-Abirami temple often participate in religious rituals such as Abhishekam (divine anointing) and arcana (prayer). The temple also hosts numerous famous festivals throughout the year, including Shivaratri and Navratri that includes beautiful shows and performances. Abirami Temple is a testament to the rich heritage of Tamil Nadu.

History of Amritaghateswarar-Abirami Temple

The history of Amritaghteshwarar-Abirami temple dates back to ancient times and is mentioned in various religious texts. The temple is associated with the legend of Markandeya, a pious saint who was blessed with immortality by Lord Shiva in the sanctum sanctorum. The temple is associated with the legendary event, making it important and attracting devotees seeking the blessings of long life and happiness.

Speciality of Amritaghateswarar-Abirami Temple

The speciality of temple lies in its iconic belief which suggests that worshiping this temple can prolong the life span for people. It is also believed that visiting this temple will cure various physical ailments and bring good fortune to lives through various aspects.

Visiting time – 6.00 AM -1.00 PM, 4.00 PM -9.00 PM

Dress code

It is suggested to dress modestly. Ladies are suggested to wear only sarees, chudidhar, and kurtis. For Men Dhotis, shirt are preferred and trousers and short dresses should be avoided.

How to reach Amritaghateswarar-Abirami Temple

By Air – Pondicherry airport is the nearest to reach Amritaghateswarar-Abirami Temple covering 113 km

By Train- Mayiladuthurai railway station is the nearest junction to reach Amritaghateswarar-Abirami Temple covering 24 km. Sirkazhi railway station is also the best option to reach the temple which covers 25 km.

By Road – All road ways in Tamil Nadu are well- connected to reach Thirukadaiyur through NH32, (ECR- Major route that connect to Thirukadaiyur) NH45A, and NH67.


1. What is very famous about Thirukadaiyur?

Thirukkadaiyur is famous because of its association with Saivism.

2. Which temple should people visit for Longevity?

Sri Amirthakateswarar Temple in Thirukadaiyur is famous for blessing people with good health and long life.

3. Which temple is famous to conduct 60th Marriage for couples?

Sri Brahmalingeshwara Temple in Udupi, Karnataka is famous for 60th marriage.

4. What are the other famous temples in Thirukkadaiyur?

Arulmigu Abhirami Udanurai Amirthakadeshwarar Swamy Temple and Ananthamangalam Shree Veerapathira Dhasapuja Anchaneyar Temple are very famous in Thirukkadaiyur

5. Thirukkadaiyur is in which district?

Thirukkadaiyur is in Mayiladuthurai district.