Madurai Alagar Koil - Tamilnadu

Madurai Alagar Koil

This Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu called as Azhagar Kovil is located here, just 18 kms from Madurai Town. Ruins of an ancient fortified town can be seen around this temple even today.

Temple underwent renovations and additions during the timeline of its existence. It is said that Ydishtra and Arjuna visited this temple during Mahabaratha period. Koorathazhwar, a disciple of Vaishnavite saint Ramunaja regained his lost vision here. The temple has the shrine of 2000 year Sudharsana-Chakra worshipped by thousands of devotees. Skandapuranam, Thirumurugatrupadai of Poet Nakkeerar and Arunagiri Nathar’s Thirupugazh reveres this holy shrine.