Tea Park Ooty - Tamilnadu

One of the most prominent attractions of Ooty is the Ooty tea park. It gives visitors hands-on experience in how tea is grown, processed and produced. The park is a must-see for tea lovers and those who want to learn about the tea process. The park is huge and contains many sections showing different aspects of tea production. One of the most popular places in Tea Park is the Tea Factory where visitors can see the entire tea production process. Every step from tea selection to drying, kneading and packaging is made visible, allowing visitors to experience the tea process themselves. Ooty Tea Estate, besides the tea factory, houses a Tea Museum where antiques and equipment used in the old tea industry are exhibited. Artifacts such as old photographs, vintage tea tools, historical documents related to the tea industry are exhibited in the museum. This exhibition provides insight into the evolution of tea production techniques over time. Ooty Tea Gardens, besides tea researches and activities, also offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding beauties.

Tea Park Ooty

The Tea Park located very near to Doddabetta which is about 10 kms from Ooty. With a view to increase the awareness of the process of Tea Making amongst the tourists and also to promote TEA as a healthy drink. This park having facilities of Tea trekking path inside the Tea garden with display of tea history and its origin, entry to China, India and to the Nilgiris by Providing display materials engraved in granite stones at regular intervals with musical arrangements on the path which attracts.

How to reach in Tea Park Ooty?

Drive from Coimbatore airport to Ooty Tea Park covers about 95 km