Sivaganga park - Tamilnadu

A popular public space in Tamil Nadu, Sivagangi Park is a well-maintained green space with playgrounds and a meeting place for locals and tourists. The park is known for its beautiful scenery, peace and many places that appeal to everyone. Visiting this place would be a refreshing break away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The park's green lawns, beautiful flower beds and manicured gardens create a beautiful setting. One of the main attractions of Sivagangi Park is the huge water fountain. The fountain acts as a focal point and adds to the overall appeal of the park. Visitors can enjoy the flowing sight and sound of the fountain, which creates a relaxing atmosphere. The lake also offers beautiful photos for photography enthusiasts. This is an exclusive place for kids who love to play outdoor as the park is equipped with swings slide and other entertainments. Other than playing this place serves are a perfect spot for relaxation and picnicking. Friends, family and enjoy a quality time together in this park.

Sivaganga park

How to reach in Sivagangi Park?

Nearest airport to Tanjore is Trichy. Drive from Trichy airport to Sivagangai Park covers about 58 km.