Fossil Park Thiruvakkarai - Tamilnadu

The Fossil Park in Thiruvakkarai is a beautiful place that offers visitors a unique and valuable experience. The park is known for its rich fossils dating back millions of years. Thiruvakkarai is geologically important because it has many fossils that give a good insight into the history of the world. Discovery Park allows visitors to witness and learn about the ancient marine life that flourished in the area. This is the best place for you to work or learn in space because it has a good opportunity to improve your knowledge.

Fossil Park Thiruvakkarai

The park provides a platform for students, scientists and enthusiasts to research and learn about paleontology and geology. Visitors can learn about the fossilization process, the different types of fossils, and their importance in ecosystem reconstruction in the past. The park also organizes tours and workshops to give visitors knowledge and appreciation of the bones and their importance in the presentation of world history.

A Geological park is about 40 kms from Villuppuram and 25 kms from Puducherry . A national geological park with large number of petrified tree trunks known as fossil are found here . The well maintained park contains petrified wood fossils approximately 20 million years old . The fossils are well preserved due to extensive purification . The tree annular rings and pit structures are clearly visible allowing their age to be determined by counting the rings .

How to reach Fossil Park Thiruvakkarai?

Nearest airport to Villupuram is Pondicherry airport. Drive from Pondicherry airport to Thiruvakkarai Fossil park covers about 30 Km