Crocodile Park - Tamilnadu

Dharmapuri Crocodile Park, is a famous tourist attraction located in Dharmapuri. It is a special center for crocodiles and other reptiles, with the aim of protecting these species and preventing their extinction. The park is located near Hoganakal Falls and has a beautiful scenery that attracts many tourists. Dharmapuri Crocodile Park is home to many crocodiles that are bred in captivity to release them back into their natural habitat. The park also features other reptiles such as turtles and snakes, which helps preserve biodiversity as a whole. The main purpose of Dharmapuri Crocodile Park is to raise awareness about the importance of protecting reptiles and their habitats. One of the attractions of Dharmapuri Crocodile Park is its breeding program. Visitors get a thrilling experience of witness many varieties of crocodiles.

Crocodile Park

How to reach in Crocodile Park?

Nearest airport to Dharmapuri is Salem airport. A drive from Salem airport to Dharmapuri Crocodile Park covers about 80 km.