Anna Park Yercaud - Tamilnadu

Anna Park in Yercaud is a popular tourist destination Tamil Nadu. It is famous for its beautiful climate, scenery and lush greenery. Visitors can go for a walk, take a boat ride in the park of the builders of the lake, or relax in the tranquility of nature. The park also has a children's play area that makes the place the perfect spot for families to spend quality time together. One of the notable features of Anna Park is that it showcases Japanese architectural techniques and add to the park's charm. Anna Park offers many fun activities besides its natural beauties. Visitors can take a short horse ride to explore the landscape and forest. It is known as the four piles of stones resembling a temple. This is the best place to shoot outdoor photos as the views of this place are picture perfect.

Anna Park Yercaud

How to reach in Anna Park Yercaud?

Nearest airport to Yercaud is Salem Airport. A drive from Salem airport to Anna park covers about 30 km.