Kongar Puliyankulam - Tamilnadu

Kongar Puliyankulam is an ancient monument. It is an important archaeological site that has many evidence of the past. This monument is comprised of a huge natural rock hill that once served as an area of halt for the Jain preachers. This hill has caves that has more than sixty rock carved beds along with a carved pillow in which the preachers rested. This caves has three important Tamil- Brahmin inscription that is engraved on the rock which is 3000 years old. This place also serves as an important places of pilgrimage for Jains and attract devotees from far and wide to pay their respects and seek spiritual solace.

Kongar Puliyankulam

How to reach in Kongar Puliyankulam:

By Air – Madurai international airport is the nearest possible ways to reach by air. A drive from Madurai airport to Kongar Puliyankulam takes only around 4 km as the place lies in the outskirts of Madurai.
By train- a drive from Madurai junction to Kongar Puliyankulam takes around 16 km.

Why should you visit Kongar Puliyankulam?

Kongar Puliyankulam Jain Cave is a famous archaeological site. You will witness the stone pillars that are adorned with beautiful sculptures and paintings depicting Jain gods and mythological figures. It would be a breath taking experience to watch the panoramic view of the city while you are in the top of hill. The beautiful ambience provide tranquillity for meditation and self-reflection.

Visiting Time in Kongar Puliyankulam:

Sunrise to sunset