Ashe Memorial - Tamilnadu

A memorial has been built here in memory of the late Robert Ashe, a collector from Tirunelveli, who was killed in Maniyachi in 1911. At that time the British government had built a public donated mandapam on the east side of Lotton Road.

Ashe Memorial

How to reach in Ashe Memorial:

By air – Thoothukudi airport is the nearest to reach Ashe Memorial by 20 km.
By train – From Thoothukudi junction, Ashe memorial is very near that it takes around only 600 m.

Why should you visit Ashe Memorial?

Visiting Ashe memorial can be a meaningful and rewarding experience for many reasons. Historically, culturally and symbolically, the monument gives visitors the opportunity to commemorate, reflect and gain a deeper understanding of the past.
Also, visiting a memorial like this can improve understanding and compassion by reminding us of the human experience after a historical event or tragedy. It provides an opportunity to honor those who have suffered or made sacrifices and encourages reflection on the lessons of the past.