Mannavanur Lake - Tamilnadu

Your trip to Kodaikanal is incomplete if you don’t visit Mannavanur Lake. It is one of the best and popular places to visit in Kodaikanal, Dindigul. The lake is near Mannavanur village, about 35 kilometers from Kodaikanal. This fresh water lake spans over 1.5 square kilometre and it is surrounded by hills, dense forests and grasslands, creating a stunning landscape. The untouched beauty of Mannavanur Lake attracts nature lovers, photographers and adventure enthusiasts. One of the best reasons to visit Mannavanur Lake is its crystal clear water and the peaceful atmosphere that makes it an ideal destination for picnics and relaxation. The lake is surrounded by dense forests and is home to many plant and animal species. The region's rich biodiversity includes many species of organisms and rare plants and animals.

History of Mannavanur Lake

The history of Lake Mannavanur dates back to ancient times, when it was formed through geological processes. The lake is believed to have formed by excess accumulation of rainwater found in a depression or basin. Over time, the lake grew and became the community's main water source.

Nearby sightseeing places

Kookal, Kurinji Aandavar temple, Poombarai Village view point, silent valley view, Guna Caves.


Picnicking, horse riding, boating, kayaking, trekking.

Visiting time

9.30 AM - 5.00 PM.

Entry fee

Rs. 30 per person

Boating charges

Rs. 30 per person

How to reach Mannavanur Lake?

By air – Madurai airport is the nearest to reach Mannavanur lake that covers about 170 km.
By train – Dindigul junction and Naidupuram junction are the nearest to reach Mannavanur Lake.
By road - Madurai is the nearest district is the nearest to reach Mannavanur lake, Kodaikanal covering 162 km. National Highways- NH-7, NH-45A, NH209