Poondi- Kodaikkanal - Tamilnadu

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations near Kodaikanal hill station in Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu. Known for their beautiful landscapes, lush greenery and tranquillity, these hills attract lovers and adventurers from all over the world.


Poondi Hills offers a wonderful view of the surrounding valleys. The region is characterized by rolling hills covered with lush vegetation such as evergreen forests, grasslands, and tea plantations. Home to many animal and plant species, the hill is an ideal destination for nature lovers and wildlife photographers. One of the main attractions of Poondi Hills is trekking. Besides trekking you can also participate in activities such as camping, bird watching and photography. Poondi Hills is also known for its climate all year round. The cool weather and mild climate add to the appeal of these hills.

How to reach:

Nearest route is Dindigul to Kodaikanal 95km, Madurai to Kodaikanal 115 km. Kodaikanal to Poondi 40 km.

Top places:Perumal peak, silent valley view, Mannavanur Lake, Pampadum Shola National Park.

Activities: Trekking, Hiking, Picnicking and Nature walks

Best time to visit: April to June.