Ladys Seat - Tamilnadu

Lady’s Seat is a popular tourist attraction in Yercaud, Salem District. Why it is called as a Lady’s seat? Because a British lady is said to have sat on those rocks for several hours and gazed contemplatively at the views before her. Lady’s Seat is one of the most popular places giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy the lush sceneries and stunning appearance of the Metur Dam and the town of Salem in the distance. Visitors can take a short walk or drive to the view point to reach the Lady’s Seat.


Surrounded by lush vegetation, this spot welcomes the visitors for trekking, offering a new experience for nature lovers. Along the way, many animal species and fauna native to the area can be seen. Several telescopes are placed on the observation deck, allowing visitors to observe the surrounding area up close. There are also small shops selling local handicrafts and souvenirs near Lady’s Seat, so tourists can shop as much as they want.

How to Reach:

Nearest airport is the Salem Airport, situated about 38 km. Drive from Salem to Yercaud by 30 km.

Top places:Kiliyur falls, Poppy’s hill Adventure, Yercaud Lake, and Peeku Park.

Activities:Photography and Trekking.

Best time to visit:October to June.