Kalrayan Hills - Tamilnadu

Kalrayan Hills, also known as Kalvarayan Hills, is a located in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu. The mountain is known for its beautiful scenery, rich biodiversity and cultural significance, making it a popular tourist destination in Tamil Nadu. The Hills is characterized by lush forests, rugged hills and beautiful scenery. The area is dotted with many waterfalls, streams and valleys that add to the natural beauty. Visitors can enjoy great views and enjoy activities such as trekking and hiking.


The Kalrayan Hills are inhabited by indigenous peoples such as the Malayan tribes. Offering camping, rock climbing and rope climbing options, the mountain allows guests to participate in outdoor activities. Some of the famous waterfalls in the area are Agaya Gangai Waterfall, Pachaimalai Waterfall and Kollimalai Waterfall which are perfect places for relaxation.

How to Reach:

Reach Salem airport or junction. Then drive from Salem towards Kalrayan hills by 50 km.

Top places:Gomukhi dam, Megam Falls and Periyar falls.

Activities:Trekking, Hiking and Camping.

Best time to visit:December to Febrauary.