Doddabetta Peak - Tamilnadu

One of the highest peaks of the Nilgiris mountain range, Doddabetta Hill stands at the height 8,652 feet above sea level. Nilgiris Mountain Range, - a scenic beauty, also known as the Blue Mountains, is a mountain range located in the southern part of the Western Ghats. The beauty of the Nilgiris hills is highlighted by the Doddabetta hills, as it surprises the visitors with the magnificent beauty and panoramic views.


The word Doddabetta means “stony hills” in colloquial language. But the ambiance of the place is not a perfect match to the name that is given to this place because the area is filled with alluring beauty. This place is also home to several waterfalls like Katherine Falls and Elk Falls that adds natural beauty to the area. The rich biodiversity of the region has led to the creation of protected areas such as Mudumalai National Park and Silent Valley National Park.

How to Reach:

Nearest is the Ooty Railway Station that is 8 km away, 95.5 km from Coimbatore Airport.

Top places:Doddabetta Peak, Telescope House, Botanical Gardens.

Activities:Trekking, Hiking, Bird watching, picnicking, Photography.

Best time to visit:October to January.