Tranquebar Fort - Tamilnadu

Tranquebar Fort

Tranquebar Fort, also known as Fort Dansborg, is a historical site in Tranquebar (now known as Tarangambadi), one of the main reasons to visit Tranquebar Fort is its rich history. The castle was built in 1620 by the Danish East India Company as a trading post and military outpost. It was the center of Danish settlement in India for more than two centuries. Tranquebar Fort is famous for its stunning architecture that shows a combination of Danish and Indian influences. The design of the fort reflects a combination of European military architecture and local ideas. Its mighty walls, and watchtowers are a testament to the engineering skills of the time. The main entrance of Tranquebar Fort is adorned with with intricate carvings and inscriptions that adds to the beauty of the fort. Inside, visitors can see the Governor's Bungalow, the Commandant's House and St. Mary's Church each offers a glimpse into a different aspect of colonial life. Apart from its historical and architectural significance, Tranquebar Fort also offers a beautiful view of the Bay of Bengal. The fort is located on a beautiful beach, making it the perfect place to admire the magnificent ocean.

How to reach Tranquebar Fort?

Pondicherry airport is the nearest to reach Tranquebar Fort. Drive from Pondicherry airport to Tranquebar Fort covers about 117 km.