Thirumalai Nayak palace - Tamilnadu

Thirumalai Nayak palace

Thirumalai Naik Mahal, also known as Thirumalai Naik Palace, was built by King Thirumalai Naik of the Nayak dynasty. It was considered one of the largest buildings in South India now and then. Thirumalai Naik Mahal is divided into two parts: Swarga Vilasam (Sky Pavilion) and Ranga Vilasam (Stage Pavilion). Swarga Vilasam is the residence of the king and his family, while Ranga Vilasam is an open hall where various performances such as dance, music and drama are held. It has a large stage with spectator seating surrounded by ornate columns and arches. The pavilion also has a special feature called "whispering Gallery", where even the best whispers can be heard from one end to the other. The main entrance to the palace is a massive gate called Muthu Mandapam (Pearl Hall), which features beautiful plaster work and paintings depicting events from Hindu mythology. Inside there are many courtyards, rooms and rooms rich with frescoes, frescoes and stucco decorations.

How to reach Thirumalai Naik Mahal?

By Air- Madurai airport is the nearest possible ways to reach the monument. A drive from the Madurai airport to the Thirumalai naik Mahal takes around 12 km.
By Train – A drive from Madurai railway junction towards the Mahal takes only around 4 km, as they both lie in the main busy areas of Madurai.

Why should you visit Thirumalai Naik Mahal?

Thirumalai Naik Mahal is not only a beautiful architecture but also a place in culture. The palace hosts many cultural events including dances, concerts and plays that showcase the culture and art of Tamil Nadu. Attending these events offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and witness a performance in a magnificent setting. One of the highlights of visiting the Tirumalai naik Mahal is the beautiful light and sound shows that occurs every night. This musical show tells the history of Madurai and brings the palace to life with colorful lights and enchanting music. The show provides a wonderful experience that enriches the entire palace visit.

Visiting Time Thirumalai Naik Mahal

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with a half an hour lunch break starting at 1:00 PM

Entrance Fee Thirumalai Naik Mahal

Foreigners – RS. 60 per adult and RS. 30 per child (Same rates for both Indians and foreigners)

Camera & Video fee Thirumalai Naik Mahal

Camera Fee: Rs. 30 & Video Camera :Rs. 100

Holidays in Thirumalai Naik Mahal

No Holidays