Sharjah Madi - Tamilnadu

Sharjah Madi

The Maratha palace, also known as the Nayak palace, is one of the beautiful sight seeing places in Tamil Nadu. This fort was once a residence of the Maratha rulers who ruled the tanjore Maratha Kingdom from 1674 to 1799. One of the most prominent reasons to visit Thanjavur Maratha Palace is its beautiful architecture that combines elements of Dravidian and Maratha styles. The palace complex includes numerous courtyards, magnificent halls, intricately carved pillars and ornate arches that showcase the exquisite craftsmanship of the period. The Durbar Hall is an important part of the palace, with its stunning frescoes painting and intricate stucco work, giving you a glimpse of the wealth and grandeur of the past. The Maratha Palace also houses a museum and art gallery with a large collection of cultural and artistic works that is a must see for art lovers. The museum displays a variety of historical items, including weapons, music, clothes, statues and coins, giving visitors an insight into many aspects of the history and culture of Tamil Nadu. Additionally, the museum displays beautiful paintings from various periods, including rare Tanjore paintings famously known as the gold foil painting.

How to reach Thanjavur Maratha Palace?

Trichy airport is the nearest to reach Thanjavur Maratha Palace. Drive from Trichy airport to Thanjavur Maratha Palace covers about 62 km.